Visual Studio Image Library: 32bit Actions (.bmp format, 24x24)

32bit Art
This art is 32bit: 24bit color images with an alpha channel for transparency.

Use Restrictions
Action icons are used to represent commands in the menu structure. These are most often action verbs, but sometimes are nouns (objects or tools) with actions associated with them, such as Hide or Show. As part of a visual language, the following images (or any part of the images) should be used consistent with, although not necessarily identical to, the usage described below:

Image Filename Usage
Color_fillHL.bmp Choose a color to fill the selected area
CopyHL.bmp Make a copy
CutHL.bmp Cut to clipboard
Edit_redoHL.bmp Redo an action
Edit_undoHL.bmp Undo an action
eps_openHL.bmp Indicate correspondence that has been previously viewed
FolderHL.bmp Display or create a folder
FontColorHL.bmp Choose a font (foreground) color
FullScreenHL.bmp Go into visible mode which maximizes real estate for viewing or editing
GraphHL.bmp Display a graph
HighlightHL.bmp Mark elements or words with highlight
IndentHL.bmp Indent selection
IndentPL.bmp Indent selection (gray background, no alpha channel)
InsertPictureHL.bmp Insert a picture
LandscapeHL.bmp Horizontal layout
OpenHL.bmp Open
OpenPL.bmp Open (gray background, no alpha channel)
OutdentHL.bmp Outdent selection
OutdentPL.bmp Outdent selection (gray background, no alpha channel)
PasteHL.bmp Paste from clipboard
PortraitHL.bmp Vertical format
PreviousPageHL.bmp Display or move to previous page
PrintPreviewHL.bmp Launch UI to allow for previewing printer results
SaveHL.bmp Save
TaskHL.bmp Object: task or display list of tasks
WebInsertHyperlinkHL.bmp Insert a hyperlink